I have experience teaching all grades levels but see the most benefit for students when it comes to one-on-one subject tutoring with 2nd grade and above. If you are seeking tutoring, in math or reading, for your child who is not yet in 2nd grade, I can refer you to one of my colleagues who have teaching and tutoring experience specifically with that age group.

Subjects and Skills

All subjects and levels including advanced placement (AP) are tutored along with study and test taking skills. The core of subject tutoring is ensuring students have an authentic understanding of the material by building from skills and concepts they have already mastered and connecting the proceeding lessons. Study strategies center on learning in the moment as material is being presented, skills to learn independently, and methods of retaining the information. Test taking skills help students maintain focus and confidence under pressure by establishing problem solving systems that can be applied to any question and all subjects.

Summer Prep

Summer is the perfect time to focus on a child’s understanding, fill in any gaps in curriculum, while maintaining skills already mastered, especially in math. A prep program can help students, who have had challenges in math, become more comfortable as they enter the new year. Students who have excelled the previous year and are moved to a higher level math can benefit as well. Programs for these students cover all topics for the missing year and introduce them to concepts covered in their new class. The goal, in either case, is to promote a sense of confidence for students as they engage in new material.


A personalized program is developed for each student, whether they have taken a standardized test or not. Diagnostic or previous test results are evaluated to develop effective strategies. Strategies are applied to a regimented practice schedule along with focused subject tutoring to help students improve their score.


Former students have returned during their break seeking tutoring. With my diverse college background, I am able to help them in their most difficult classes which range from statistics to science. The focus is to reinforce the foundation and provide a bigger picture in the subject to allow students to integrate new information more easily when they return to class.