Here’s what a few of my clients have said…

Anna, 12th Grader

I started working with Peter in November after not doing so well the first quarter. He helped me with classes I had problems in, and that was all my classes. In June, all my teachers said I was the most improved student that year. Why couldn’t I have found him sooner!?

Jeff, Parent of 8th Grader

Peter has a holistic approach and has been working with my daughter for 3 years. He doesn’t just teach her about the subject but gives her skills that she can use for the rest of her life.

Cathy, Parent of 11th Grader

Peter is really great. I am so happy we have him! Our daughter was sharing his name with several of her friends. After only two sessions, she went from failing the class, to getting an A on her test.

Olivia, 5th Grader

I don’t know I’m learning because I’m having fun while I do it.

Patti, Parent of 3rd and 9th Graders

He’s been a blessing to our family. My daughter was having difficulties in math and near the end of the year we received an email from the teacher saying, “thank you for being supportive and finding a tutor, Allison has improved a great deal. She works on her own and is doing much better.”

Karen, Parent of 6th and 7th Graders

The girls are always excited to learn and feel better about school after he stops by. It’s not only his demeanor that’s wonderful, my kids are always engaged the entire time. He’s really helped one of them with organization. There was one day after class, where she went up to her room and started to organize… Read More