Middle School

Differentiated learning continues in middle school and students and parents are now able to choose a course schedule. Sometimes the process can be difficult, choosing electives or the proper math/english course. Middle school courses can determine which classes are viable for students in high school. The courses in high school form the students’ transcripts which are sent to colleges. We work together to plan out middle school courses and look at the paths for high school, balancing long-term goals with ability.

High School

High school consulting focuses on developing transcripts and resumes in preparation for college applications. Student interests and strengths guide the majority of the process. Extracurriculars such as volunteering, academic activities, sports, and arts all help students stand out from the piles of applications college admissions officers receive today.

College applications can be a daunting task for many students. Guidance includes planning and managing the undertaking, choosing the best sources for recommendations, and crafting application essays. As acceptance letters arrive, helping students narrow down their choices and make a decision is the last step.