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Academic Management

For all of my clients, the focus is growth, but each student has different needs and unique circumstances. Academic management is a comprehensive service, recognizing that grades matter but performance has many factors.

Course/College Consulting

We work together to plan out and continually reassess an academic path starting in middle school and going on through high school, balancing long-term goals with ability, to develop a strong college application.

Subject and Skills Tutoring

The core of subject tutoring is ensuring students have an authentic understanding of the material by building from skills and concepts they have already mastered and connecting the proceeding lessons.

Executive Functioning

Executive functioning programs are tailored to each student, developing strengths and an understanding of the value of each skill, in order to promote independence and confidence in their future endeavors.


A personalized program is developed for each student, whether they have taken a standardized test or not. Scores are analyzed and strategies are applied to a practice schedule along with focused subject tutoring to help students improve.

Summer Prep

Summer is the perfect time to focus on a child’s understanding, fill in any gaps in curriculum, while maintaining skills already mastered. Students who need reinforcement or skip a level in math can begin the new year with ease.


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What My Clients Think

I don’t know I’m learning because I’m having fun while I do it.

He’s been a blessing to our family. My daughter was having difficulties in math and near the end of the year we received an email from the teacher saying, “thank you for being supportive and finding a tutor, Allison has improved a great deal. She works on her own and is doing much better.”

Don’t tell her I told you this, but she said it was her favorite time of the week. Good job and thanks!

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